Nouryon and cleantech company Photanol have teamed up to develop a process for harnessing the power of the sun to make chemicals.

Photanol to build demonstration plant to make chemicals from carbon dioxide and sunlight at Delfzijl site. - read the news release here


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THE NETHERLANDS – Dutch broadcaster RTL Z visited biotech company Photanol, which has recently partnered up with Nouryon for the construction of a pilot plant. Photanol’s technology turns CO2 into valuable chemical products. In the video report (only in Dutch) the old pilot facility of Photanol is shown and Photanol’s CEO Veronique De Bruijn and Operational Director Wilmar van Grondelle explain how the process works.


Nouryon's pioneering partnership with Photanol earlier won a top award. 

The partnership between Nouryon and cleantech company Photanol which aims to harness the power of the sun to make chemicals has won a top award at the 2015 WBM Bio Business Awards. 

The collaboration was named Bio-Based Chemical Collaboration of the Year at a ceremony staged in Amsterdam. Held annually, the awards program was launched to recognize business excellence and innovation in the bio-based industry. 

The prize was awarded to Nouryon and Photanol for their ongoing work focused on creating sustainable technology which mimics the way plants use photosynthesis. Combining Nouryon's processing technology expertise and Photanol's existing proprietary technology, the aim is to produce “green” chemical building blocks that will eventually replace some of the raw materials Nouryon currently obtains from fossil-based production. 

"Our pioneering work with Photanol has the potential to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and we’re delighted that such an exciting collaboration has been recognized with this important award," said Marco Waas, Nouryon's Director of RD&I and Technology. 

"Winning the award also demonstrates that our agenda of doing more with less is making great progress, and we remain committed to working with key partners in order to make our global activities even more sustainable, resulting in benefits both for ourselves and our customers."

Nouryon is also involved in several other partnerships designed to identify viable alternatives for increasingly scarce raw materials.