Nouryon's products are at the front of the chemical value chain. With this in mind, it´s essential we never lose our focus on maintaining the right balance between people, planet and profit. Our current strategy focuses on raising the performance bar in a number of areas in our sustainability circle.   

Responsible and optimal health and safety management at our sites is a key priority, together with our commitment to excellent people management and our pledge to the communities in which we operate. Another is our vow to minimize the environmental impact of our products and processes. As an energy-intensive industry, our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by shifting more and more to sustainable energy sources, as well as introducing greener state-of-the-art technologies.   

Our commitment to sustainability also impacts on the way we prepare our business for the future. Technology and innovation will play a leading role in the development of a long-term and forward thinking strategy. This will involve enhancing our current portfolio of products and technologies with more sustainable, eco-premium solutions.