Nouryon salt is used in many industrial applications

Often a higher salt quality is preferred to optimize the process and avoid unwanted precipitation caused by the impurities.

Salt purity is defined by the level of sodium chloride in the final crystal. The higher it is, the lower the level of impurities. For example multi valent cations like Ca, Mg and Fe have a tendency to precipitate under many process conditions as carbonates, hydroxides and sulfates. Eventually, these precipitates form scales on tubes and equipment which are hard to remove.  Additionally, these cations can form complexes with e.g. surfactants, reducing their functionality.

It is precisely the purity that gives vacuum salt the edge over solar and rock salt. Our vacuum salt has a very high sodium chloride content with an extremely low concentration of impurities. 


Water treatment
Salt is used for the regeneration of ion-exchange resins for water softening. Multi-valent impurities in salt react with the resins making the regeneration process less effective.

Textile dying
Salt improves the fixation between dye and textile. Impurities in the salt, like Ca, Mg, Fe or Cu can react with the dye, leading to lower color yield, unlevel dyeing, spots and stains which are difficult to remove, change of shade and even contamination of machines.

Drilling fluids
Salt is used as weighing agent in drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry.