Hydrogen is an important energy carrier and key building block in chemical processes.

Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on earth, mostly in the form of chemical compounds such as water and hydrocarbons.

Hydrogen is used as feedstock in many (bio)chemical refining processes for processing or upgrading refining products. It is a key building block in regular fuels and bio-fuels.

Food processing

In food processing, hydrogen is used for a hydrogenating agent, particularly in increasing the level of saturation of unsaturated fats and oils (found in items such as margarine).


Used as a fuel, hydrogen enables zero emission mobility. Hydrogen mobility is a small but increasing share of total mobility solutions.

Carbon free energy carrier

Hydrogen can also be used directly as a carbon free energy carrier to provide (back-up) power and heat.


Ammonia, used in for instance fertilizers, is comprised of hydrogen and nitrogen.

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