We are the world’s single largest producer of Monochloroacetic Acid with its leading (patented) hydrogenation technology.

Coupled with a dedicated sales team operating around the world we ensure the highest quality and reliability to our customers.

Our global presence gives our customers the flexibility and reliability of supply that is required in our industry. With manufacturing plants in the Netherlands (Delfzijl), China (Taixing) and a 50-50 joint venture in Japan as well as a dissolving facility in the US (LeMoyne), we can deliver our customers unrivalled support whilst maintaining consistency.

Essential ingredient

MCA is an essential ingredient in the chemical industry thanks to the very reactive chlorine element in the acid thus finding its application in various industries, from thickening agents (carboxy-methyl cellulose) to the agrochemicals industry (for  eg. 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid)


Nouryon's MCA Business appoints Azelis as distribution partner for MCA & SMCA in Europe

November 1, 2018 - Nouryon's MCA Business & Azelis have entered into a long-term distribution agreement. This agreement further supports our aim to extend the reach of our high-quality products across Europe while ensuring excellent customer experience levels through our distribution partner to offer an unparalleled value proposition.

Applications of Monochloroacetic Acid

Thickening agents

The greater part of monochloroacetic acid production is intended for the manufacture of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), a water-soluble cellulose ether, with a wide range of applications as a thickening agent in aqueous systems. Our customers demand flexibility which we provide in many ways including our range of product forms available as monochloroacetic acid (MCA) or the sodium salt of monochloroacetic acid (SMCA) in a variety of packaging. 


MCA or SMCA is also used to manufacture crop-protection chemicals such as the widely used phenoxyacetic acid herbicide: 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid also known as 2,4-D and 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid also known as MCPA amongst others. Having us as their supplier, our customers benefit from high quality and reliable supply which allows for efficient operations. 


MCA is used in the production of amphoteric surfactants such as betaines and imidazolines. Betaines are becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of mild shampoos, liquid soap and metal cleaning agents. Imidazolines are used as shampoos and industrial cleaners. MCA is also used for making ether carboxylic acids. Flexibility in terms of product forms and quality is essential to the surfactants business, which we provide through our range of product forms. 

Essential raw material also for

• cyanoacetic ester, a raw material for purines, cyanoacrylate adhesives and vitamin B6.
• malonic esters, synthesized from SMCA and used in the preparation of barbituric acid, the basis of a wide range of barbiturate drugs.
• phenoxyacetic acid, raw material for penicillin.
• chloroacetylchloride, e.g. used in the production of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
• purines. The caffeine type purines are made from urea or its N-methyl derivatives and ethyl cyanoacetate.
• glycines, used in the production of: pet food, flavoring agents, and pharmaceuticals (i.e. soluble aspirin).
• dyestuffs such as indigo.
• dimethoate, an important insecticide that is mainly used in tropical and subtropical climates.
• ibuprofen, produced via the IPA-ester of MCA.
• chloroacetamide, industrial preservative (biocide). 


MCA is a hazardous substance and is classified as “Toxic”, “Corrosive” and “Dangerous for the environment”. Any contact with skin and eyes may cause severe chemical burns, with possible permanent damage (scarring). As an expert in the field of MCA for over 50 years, our extensive experience and know-how enables our customers to trust us with delivering the expertise required to ensure a safe working environment. 


Sustainability is one of our core principles. We continuously revise our MCA value chain to see how we can do more with less. At our Delfzijl site there is strong integration between different plants in order to increase energy efficiency. At the same time we partially use renewable power. We are also looking for renewable or low carbon raw materials.

Let us help you find the right product

Product Information

*Find table below under technical product information.

The packaging we use is practical, safe, (recyclable) and meets international transport requirements.

Our product portfolio is available in the following packaging:

MCA solids | SMCA powder & granules 

• in 25 kg net weight paper bags on pallet with shrink film
• polypropylene woven FIBCs (big bags) on pallets

MCA liquids

MCA liquids (such as MCA molten, solutions in water and ethanol) are shipped in bulk containers. Transport takes place in insulated containers. 

MCA solids, SMCA powder & granules and MCA liquids
MCA products

 Technical product information:

Properties MCA solids/molten SMCA MCA 80% solution in water
Molecular weight (g/mol) 94,5 116,5 -
Boiling point at 101.3 kPa(°C) 190 - 138
Density (kg/m3) 1424 at 25°C
1351 at 80°C
1850 at 25°C 1333 at 25°C
Bulk Density (kg/m3) 750 - 850 850 - 900 -
Vapor pressure (hPa) 0.14 at 25°C - 16 at 20°C
38 at 40°C
Viscosity (liquid) mPa.s 1.7 at 80°C - 5.2 at 20°C
Solubility in water g/100g  421 at 20°C
987 at 40°C
820 g/l at 20°C
1100 g/l at 80°C
pH value in water at 20°C  - 6 – 9 (50 g/l) < 1
Flash point (closed cup, °C) 126 ca. 270 >118
Melting point (°C) 62 150 18