We are the world’s single largest producer of MCA (Monochloroacetic Acid) with its leading patented hydrogenation technology.

MCA is an essential ingredient in the chemical industry thanks to the very reactive chlorine element in the acid thus finding its application in various industries, from thickening agents (carboxy-methyl cellulose) to the agrochemicals sector (for e.g. 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid).

Coupled with a dedicated sales team operating around the world, around the clock, we ensure the highest quality and reliability to our customers leveraging our decades long experience of safely producing and moving MCA & SMCA.

Our global presence gives our customers the flexibility and reliability of supply that is required in our industry. With manufacturing plants in the Netherlands (Delfzijl), China (Taixing), a joint venture in Japan, a dissolving facility in the US (LeMoyne) and our upcoming joint venture in India - we can deliver our customers unrivalled support whilst maintaining consistency.

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As an expert in the field of MCA for over 50 years, our extensive experience and know-how enables our customers to trust us with delivering the expertise required to ensure a safe working environment.

Sustainability: The Future

Sustainability is one of our core principles. We continuously strive to improve our MCA value chain to see how we can do more with less. As an example, at our Delfzijl site there is strong integration between different plants in order to increase energy efficiency. At the same time we maximize usage of renewable power. We are also looking for renewable or low carbon raw materials.

Contact us to learn about our capabilities in supplying Green MCA as well as low-dca (dichloroacetic acid) content material.

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