Chloroform is a colorless, neutral liquid, heavier than water and of characteristic sweetish odor.

It is completely miscible with almost any solvents but only sparingly with water and shows excellent solvency power to most organic chemicals and materials.


Chloroform is non-inflammable and its vapors form no explosive mixtures with air. Chloroform DAB grade is conform to the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB 9) and the British Pharmacopoeia (BP)

Chloroform is restricted by European regulations as

• an intermediate (raw material in chemicals synthesis),

• a special solvent in industrial processes or in laboratories only.

 Not for distribution to private customers!

Chloroform is used as raw material for the production of HCFC 22 (R 22), which is used as refrigerant and precursor for fluoropolymers (PTFE and derivatives). Further on it can be used as feedstock for methyl- and ethyl orthoformate and as solvent in the industrial synthesis of pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as for extraction purposes. 


Forms Supplied:

Chloroform technical grade stabilized with 10 ppm amylene or 0.2 % wt ethanol;

other stabilization on request.


Chloroform DAB grade stabilized with 0.8 % wt ethanol.